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Sacramento Drug Treatment ProgramsFor those Sacramento residents needing drug addiction treatment, often more than one drug has caused addiction to take place. In fact, according to a 2003 Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services report, poly-drug addicted individuals seeking treatment across Sacramento County encountered a host of drug combinations that contributed to addiction. Methamphetamines were the most frequent primary drug used, and marijuana had the highest secondary rate of drug use, followed by alcohol involvement, meth and cocaine or crack. Opiates experienced the second-highest rate of use as a primary drug, including heroin and prescription opiate usage. Other drugs, such as club drugs like ecstasy and GHB, were implicated as tertiary drugs most frequently.

Treatment for Multiple Drug Addictions

When use of more than one drug has occurred as a result of drug addiction, inpatient treatment is often necessary to fully resolve the addiction itself. Drug testing upon intake can help addiction staff become apprised of which drugs they are treating; this is particularly important as some addicted individuals cannot recall (or in some cases, are unaware, due to drug lacing) the canon of drugs they have ingested. Proper and safe drug detoxification necessitates full knowledge of the drugs present in the system, to guard against serious complications, mitigate severe withdrawal symptoms and to forge a recovery plan that addresses all drugs of choice.

Additionally, the psychological effects of various drugs can also make a difference over the course of drug addiction recovery. By selecting an addiction recovery center that has experience in treatment for particular drugs present in the system, drug addicted individuals or their loved ones can seek psychological healing that may need to take place. Methamphetamine’s association with risk-taking behavior, cocaine’s effects on memory, mood and cognition, or ecstasy’s association with depression can all be addressed over the course of treatment. Partnered with psychological assessments, knowledge of poly-drug presence can also help clinical therapists form a big-picture assessment of the role particular drugs have played in cases of grief complication and episodes of violence or self-medication for Dual Diagnosis conditions, allowing more targeted treatment for the drug-addicted individual.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs for Poly-Drug Addictions

If you or someone you love in Sacramento struggles with drug addiction involving more than one drug, addiction treatment facilities can help resolve multiple drug addictions — often during a single inpatient stay. Our addiction professionals have experience assessing and interviewing those seeking drug treatment and expertly match people to appropriate drug treatment facilities in California and across the country. We invite those searching for Sacramento drug rehab to call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to request a complimentary assessment and referrals to drug rehab programs that have experienced success with poly-drug addiction.

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