The Power of Peer Pressure in Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Peer pressure is one of the most common sources of substance abuse, especially among Sacramento adolescents in school. While teenagers and young adults are commonly affected by peer pressure, adults in professional careers can also succumb to peer pressure. Peer pressure is such a powerful force, because almost everyone needs to fit in with a […]

Do College Freshmen Have an Increased Risk of Addiction?

Transitioning from high school into college is often a difficult, high risk situation, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. Many college freshmen look forward to the freedom that college life offers, but such freedom often includes unsupervised parties, excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drug use. Sacramento college students have a higher percentage […]

Social Rejection and Addiction

The need to belong is one of the most elemental and foundational needs of every human being. Belonging provides a person with comfort, encouragement, identity, and community. From infancy and childhood straight through to old-age, people need each other. When an individual lacks healthy social connectivity he will likely experience a wide range of negative […]

Drug Abuse in High Schools

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), drug abuse is a serious health problem that affects almost every community or family in some way. NIH research shows that drug abuse causes millions of illnesses and injuries across the country every year. Drug abuse may cause social problems, violence, stress, crime, homelessness, loss of work, […]

What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?

No one wants to separate themselves from their friends, but if your friends encourage you to engage in risky behavior such as drug abuse, you should always say no. It can be very tempting, especially if your friends continue to ask you to use drugs, but if you abuse drugs, you may eventually become addicted. […]

How Does a Parent’s Addiction Affect Children?

Suffering from addiction may be painful for you but it can have devastating effects on your family in Sacramento, specifically your children. Your children depend on you for everything, from the food that they eat to the clothes that they wear. If they cannot depend on you, it will have negative effects on their lives. […]

Teen Rehab Facilities

During the teenage years, chemical dependency issues pose an increased threat – due to increased rates of drug experimentation, as well as the effects of drug addiction on the developing brain. In fact, more than one out of every five teenagers – more than four million across the United States – have abused prescription drugs […]

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