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Teen Rehab FacilitiesDuring the teenage years, chemical dependency issues pose an increased threat – due to increased rates of drug experimentation, as well as the effects of drug addiction on the developing brain. In fact, more than one out of every five teenagers – more than four million across the United States – have abused prescription drugs in some form. In the wake of pressure from peers, studies and the transition into adulthood, teenagers across the country experiment with drugs early, with national studies showing teenage boys beginning drug experimentation at a countrywide average of 12 years old – and teen girls undergoing their first drug experiences by 13.

Reasons for Teen Drug Experimentation and Addiction

The reasons involved with teenage drug experimentation have been a point of study for decades. Research studies – including those conducted worldwide – have cited psychological reasons for teen drug use, with one South American study indicating that teens pursued drug use to initiate feelings of confidence, pleasure and escape. Domestically, a 2007 survey of more than 6,000 American teens found that nearly three-quarters engaged in drug use in order to cope with social and academic pressures from school. The same study found that only seven percent of parents considered their children might turn to drugs in an attempt to deal with psychological pressures, indicating that many adults remain out of touch with the reality of drug use for their teens.

Prevention and Teenage Drug Addiction

Teens who remain abstinent from drugs until adulthood tend to stay drug-free for the entirety of their lives, according to a study conducted by Columbia University in New York. In fact, those who had not tried drugs or alcohol by the time they reached 21 had negligible odds of lifetime drug use. Communication also played a part in abstaining from drugs, with teenagers who engaged in drug conversations with their parents experiencing only 50 percent of the risk of use than the one in three teenagers who did not.

Rehab and Sacramento Teen Drug Addiction

In some cases, teenagers may already have exhibited signs and symptoms of drug addiction. Whether in the form of academic doping or recreational drug addiction, teen drug use can segue into a lifetime of addiction – and dire consequences for still-developing brains and bodies. For teens who have reached the age of majority, comprehensive inpatient treatment can help break the cycle of addiction with enrollment in inpatient drug detoxification and addiction rehab facilities. Through the use of psychological counseling, professional detox services, 12-step meetings and aftercare planning offered in a safe, confidential environment, older teenagers can understand – and break free from – long-standing physical and psychological addictions to drugs. If the Sacramento teenager in your life could benefit from alcohol and drug rehab, we welcome you to reach out for help. Our addiction counselors specialize in assisting young adults and their parents in assessing drug rehabilitation options and preparing for treatment to re-achieve sobriety.

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Find a Teen Rehab Facility in California

If you suspect your teen needs to enroll in a Sacramento drug rehab facility to help in fight a drugs or alcohol addiction, call us on our hotline and we will assist you in finding a rehab center in California that will meet your teen’s needs for recovery. One of those needs might be getting away for awhile to remove themselves form all the bad influences and distractions they face on a daily basis. There are great programs all throughout the state of California; Malibu and Palm Springs having some of the best.

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