How Does a Parent’s Addiction Affect Children?

Suffering from addiction may be painful for you but it can have devastating effects on your family in Sacramento, specifically your children. Your children depend on you for everything, from the food that they eat to the clothes that they wear. If they cannot depend on you, it will have negative effects on their lives. […]

Do I Have to Give up Fun to Get Sober?

Every person’s definition of fun is different. Some Sacramento residents have fun playing games with their children, some people have fun going to an amusement park, some people have fun taking a hike and some people have fun getting involved with parties and social events. Finding Fun after Addiction Recovery If you engaged in activities […]

Causes of Accidental Drug Addiction

There are countless addicts who never engaged in any behavior that would risk addiction. In our heavily medicated culture, accidental addiction is extremely common. Although each Sacramento drug addict’s story is unique, there are a few main paths to accidental addiction. Understanding the risks of each path and the commonness of this particular struggle may […]

Addressing Addiction and Depression in Treatment

When a Sacramento resident is diagnosed with both an addiction and a mental health issue such as depression, he or she has co-occurring disorders or a Dual Diagnosis. How Addiction and Depression Interact Addiction is a physical and psychological need for a particular substance. Depression is also a psychological condition that can become so severe […]

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