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When drug rehabilitation at a treatment facility leads to successful sobriety, the urge to use drugs may not have completely disappeared. In particular, a return – particularly an unprepared one – to the addicted individual’s original environment can lead Sacramento residents to relapse back into drug use. Recovering drug addicts may find it a challenge to re-encounter old stressors, drug availability in Sacramento or even unhealthy relationships with those still using drugs (or those enabling others to do so). In these cases, sober living facilities can make a difference in post-treatment success. The ability of addicts to stay in a sober living facility while they solidify the changes initiated in drug treatment programs can engender greater sober success upon an eventual return back home.

Understanding the Role of Sober Living Facilities for Sacramento Addicts

Recovering addicts can take advantage of sober living facilities that offer an environment of sobriety and safety for those seeking further support after undergoing drug rehabilitation. With an emphasis on functional, sober living and life skills building, sober living facilities offer a reprieve in which to practice continued recovery before returning home to Sacramento.

Continued Sobriety Through Sober Living Facilities

Here are just a few ways in which sober living homes help create an environment in which those recovery from drug addiction can gain solidity in their new sobriety.

  • 12-step Meetings
    Most sober living homes hold 12-step style group recovery meetings in house – or encourage (or mandate) attendance at local meetings. Group meetings allow for exchange around topics of sobriety, discussion of common struggles faced in drug recovery and a system of peer support and accountability for those in recovery.
  • Visiting Rules
    Sober living facilities allow residents to receive guests while limiting the hours and stays of visitors for the welfare of those living in the facility. Guests are generally restricted to common areas and overnight visits are not usually authorized, in order to ensure the sobriety and safety of all residents.
  • Sober Environment
    Enforcing drug testing, sober living facilities ensure that all residents – from Sacramento and beyond – maintain their sobriety during their stay. Those who relapse are often dismissed from the facility, especially in cases where drugs or alcohol are brought into the home itself.
  • Structure and Chores
    Most sober living facilities require guest participation in house chores, adherence to curfews and rising hours, and participation in counseling sessions, group exercises and activities. These events serve a dual purpose of creating schedules and structure for those in the drug recovery process, while fostering the tenets of sober living.
  • Employment Integration
    Many sober living facilities require employment as a condition of guests’ stay. Some sober living facilities will make exceptions for those who would prefer volunteering in recovery-oriented or charity work, as well. The requirement for employment helps individuals in drug recovery learn to integrate work and home life while maintaining sobriety in a structured, safe environment.

Find a Sober Living Facility in CA

A sober living facility is designed to remove a recovering addict from all the negative pressures of their daily lives. This factor or having distractions and being exposed to their former lifestyle might also be the reason why so many recovering addict relapse. If you or a loved one have relapsed and need help finding a Sacramento drug rehab, call our number bellow, we can point you in the direction of some great program away from the Sacramento area. It might be exactly what you loved one needs.

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