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Teens in Santa Rosa have more than simple pressures to contend with, as internal and external pressure to use drugs continues to build. Across Santa Rosa’s Sonoma County, four percent of seventh graders regularly used marijuana, with 16 percent of high school freshmen and over a quarter of high school juniors using pot to get high. Among those in alternative education programs, one in five Sonoma County students used methamphetamines, and 28 percent used marijuana — nearly double the teen marijuana rate of the State of California, overall. In fact, a 2006 report by the Sonoma County Medical Association showed that methamphetamine use remained a serious issue for Sonoma County youth, with two percent of ninth graders and three percent of high school juniors having used meth within the last month.

Reasons for Santa Rosa Teen Drug Addiction

For teens in Santa Rosa, California, the reasons behind drug experimentation and regular use fall into several major categories.  The desire to fit in and avoid social rejection often leads teenagers throughout Sonoma County to experiment with drugs. The ease of access to prescription drugs and medical marijuana throughout the San Francisco Bay Area also makes drug experimentation accessible for teens – particularly for those whose parents have access to the drugs already.

Desires to escape family problems, cope with loneliness and the pressure today’s Sonoma County teens feel to perform academically can also lead to drug experimentation as an escape. In fact, the use of prescription stimulants across Sonoma County has been on the rise in recent years, as a form of “academic doping” for enhanced performance on school work or standardized tests. Unfortunately, frequent experimentation with drugs can quickly lead Santa Rosa teens to full-fledged addiction, often with a host of consequences for their still-developing brains and bodies. (See related: Sacramento Drug Rehab)

Finding Drug Addiction Help for Santa Rosa Teens

If you know an addicted teen in Sonoma County, inpatient drug addiction facilities can help attend to the psychological and physical aspects of addiction that require treatment. For those over 18, prospective treatment facilities can include Santa Rosa teen rehab programs or dedicated inpatient care at some of California’s top rehabilitation centers. Our informed addiction counselors welcome you to call our toll-free number with any questions you might have about suspected teen drug use and drug addiction treatment for Santa Rosa teens. Our professional staff will be happy to field your inquiry and match you to an appropriate rehabilitation center for drug addiction treatment.

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