The Power of Peer Pressure in Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The Power of Peer Pressure in Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Peer pressure is such a powerful force, because almost everyone needs to fit in with a community

Peer pressure is one of the most common sources of substance abuse, especially among Sacramento adolescents in school. While teenagers and young adults are commonly affected by peer pressure, adults in professional careers can also succumb to peer pressure. Peer pressure is such a powerful force, because almost everyone needs to fit in with a community, and the natural way to fit in with others is to engage in the habits they adopt. Unfortunately, these habits can often include recreational drug use and chronic substance abuse.

In terms of drug use, peer pressure can have both negative and positive effects for Sacramento residents. The negative aspects of peer pressure typically include initial use of a drug, while the positive effects include recovery. In fact, peer pressure can cause any of the following problems:

  • Make poor choices – Most Sacramento residents would not willingly try a drug of their own accord, and most of them would not continue abusing a drug without some underlying motive. Unfortunately, peer pressure often motivates initial and continued substance abuse, especially in spite of the consequences. Being pressured by friends can cause someone to make poor choices, even when she knows it is the wrong thing to do. Peers have encourage people to forget the problems and to enjoy the moment, which can engender addiction.
  • Develop bad habits – Poor choices is often the first consequence of peer pressure, but bad habits and negative behaviors typically come next. Continued peer pressure can make one poor choice become a habit of poor choices.
  • Lose individuality – Constantly giving into peer pressure causes Sacramento residents to lose their individuality. Instead or pursuing personal dreams or career paths, people give into peer pressure to become another part of a group.

On the other hand, peer pressure can benefit Sacramento residents who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Recovery communities, fellow rehab participants and 12-step program members can provide encouragement and advice about recovery. These forms of peer pressure can boost a lifestyle of recovery, and they can also help people avoid relapse. For instance, with help you can replace bad habits with good ones to regain individuality.

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