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Alameda County – and the city of Hayward, California itself – is home to countless individuals who struggle against drug addiction and depression. In fact, in Alameda County alone fields more than 60,000 crisis calls on their suicide hotline each year. Addiction research has established connections between the incidence of drug addiction and the risk of suicide – both by accidental overdose and from severe depression. Due to the effects of drugs on judgment, decision making, cognition, mood and personality – particularly when the post-use “crash” sets in – depression can rise in the midst of drug addiction. This effect is compounded by the incidence of self-medication – already depression-prone individuals seeking to alleviate low moods with the use of drugs. Over time, these two factors play into each other, creating a loop of substance abuse and depression.

Hayward Residents and Dual Diagnosis Addictions

Until the addiction recovery process has taken place successfully, many individuals in Hayward and the rest of Alameda County suffer from a phenomenon known as “Dual Diagnosis” – a coinciding condition of addiction alongside a mental health disorder. While Dual Diagnosis disorders can range from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to anxiety disorders or personality disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder, depression often factors into most. Because of the interrelation between drug addiction and mental health issues, successful drug addiction treatment seeks to treat both conditions simultaneously. (See related: Sacramento Drug Rehab)

Successful Drug Addiction Treatment for Hayward Residents

Hayward residents who struggle with the bonds of depression in addition to drug addiction often require inpatient care with intensive counseling in order to combat both conditions. In fact, cases of Dual Diagnosis sometimes include calibrated psychiatric medication to help drug-addicted individuals treat chemical imbalances – both to facilitate therapy progress and to mitigate mood-related cravings for drugs. Once the withdrawal process has been successfully completed through a California drug detox program, therapeutic work can begin to help free the addicted individual from the psychological components of drug addiction.

Many inpatient facilities catering to Dual Diagnosis cases are equipped to treat Hayward residents for both depression and addiction simultaneously. Through the use of cognitive therapy, belief modification, trauma therapy and group sessions, drug-addicted individuals can learn behavioral coping techniques that can also aid depression and help prevent relapse.

Finding California Drug Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you know in the Hayward, California area is currently struggling against both drug addiction and depression, our trained addiction counselors can help. We invite you to call our toll-free number at any time of day or night to speak confidentially with an intake counselor who can help coordinate your drug addiction treatment needs at a quality facility in California.

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