How to Handle the Surprise of Discovering a Loved One’s Addiction

How to Handle the Surprise of Discovering a Loved One’s Addiction

Your loved one needs help in order to overcome addiction

Learning that a loved one is suffering from addiction can come as a shock, but it should not change the way you feel about him. Supportive Sacramento families should be sure to encourage their addicted loved ones to get addiction treatment. Your encouragement and support can be the difference in him seeking treatment and not seeking it, and without treatment your loved one will not be able to overcome his addiction.

Coping with the Addiction of a Loved One

Your loved one needs help in order to overcome his addiction, but before helping your loved one you must come to grips with the situation yourself. After learning about your loved one’s addiction, do not say or do anything to the user while emotions are running high. Instead you should take some time to evaluate the situation. Do some research to learn about addiction and talk to a therapist about your loved one’s addiction as well as the effect it has had on you. Talking with a therapist will not only help you come to terms with your loved one’s problem, but the therapist can also give you advice on how best to approach and support your loved one and his recovery.

Helping a Loved One with Addiction

You cannot do anything to force your loved one to recover from addiction, but you can play a major role in him seeking treatment by talking with him and setting a good example. First of all, if you abuse drugs or alcohol you should stop and be sure the user knows you are cleaning your life up. After that, you should talk to your loved one about addiction treatment, letting him know how it can help him recover. Talk with your loved one about how addiction has caused changes in him and the effects you have seen in his life and the lives of those around him. During your conversations about addiction, always keep a non-combative tone, and try to be encouraging and offer your full support.

Can Addiction Treatment Help?

Some users believe they are too far gone for addiction treatment, but no matter how severe your addiction is you can heal with the help of professional addiction treatment. To learn more about addiction treatment, call our toll-free helpline today. We are here for you 24 hours a day to answer questions about addiction and provide the latest information on addiction treatment. Our trained addiction experts can even let you know if your health insurance will help pay for drug rehab, so call now.

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