The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job Performance

The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job PerformanceThe effects of a fun night of drinking do not magically disappear at the stroke of midnight or when the alarm sounds the next morning. The typical hangover symptoms are enough to remind one about the previous night, and they can significantly impact someone’s job performance and functioning for at least the next day if not longer.

How Last Night’s Drinking Affects Your Brain Today

Heavy drinking on work nights can cause one to show up hung over or even drunk to work the next morning. Those who think their job requirements will not be affected by hangover symptoms are wrong. Anyone who has had a rough night of drinking is familiar with the typical symptoms of a hangover: dizziness, fatigue, throbbing pain in the head, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, shaking, and impaired cognition. Research shows that the effects of heavy drinking can persist for days after the drinking took place. One’s brain function, decision-making, thought-process, and working memory are significantly impaired during alcohol intoxication and during a hangover. This has obvious detrimental effects on one’s job performance. In fact, research shows that a hangover typically increases one’s percentage for errors at work by thirty percent and decreases one’s memory by an average of ten percent.

What Your Drinking and Hangovers Can Cost You at Work

When a person’s ability to process, recall, and maintain information is impaired, even the simplest tasks can be affected, like remembering a client’s name, performing simple arithmetic, or bringing keys to get into the office. Any job requiring physical activity from an employee is clearly a dangerous situation as motor skills are hugely impaired by abnormally low cognitive functioning. A minor brain lapse could cause serious injury to the individual, as well as to coworkers, employers, and the entire office staff.

Despite how close a person feels to his or her officemates and employer, no one appreciates a person who poses a threat to his or her own job. If a coworker’s job performance is bad for the team, the office, or the organization, others may be inclined to report their suspicions, concerns, and complaints to someone up the ladder. Coworkers may participate with, enable, or put up with an employer who drinks frequently for a while, but eventually they will likely do something in an effort to keep their own job.

Going to work drunk or impaired by the aftermath of heavy drinking can cause increased sick days, poor job performance, a lawsuit, job termination, a black mark on one’s resume, a drop in health insurance coverage, financial stress, the onset of mental health issues, and more. Those with family or a spouse put their loved ones at risk for all of the above as well with their irresponsible drinking habits.

Prevent Career Repercussions and Find Help for a Drinking Problem Today

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