Do College Freshmen Have an Increased Risk of Addiction?

Do College Freshmen Have an Increased Risk of Addiction?

College freshmen have unique risks for substance abuse and addiction

Transitioning from high school into college is often a difficult, high risk situation, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. Many college freshmen look forward to the freedom that college life offers, but such freedom often includes unsupervised parties, excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drug use. Sacramento college students have a higher percentage of substance abuse than those who avoid college, and students who live on campus have a higher percentage of substance abuse than those who live at home with their families.

The following aspects of being a college freshman all increase the risk for substance abuse and addiction:

  • Peer pressure – The consensus among college students usually views excessive drinking and recreational drug as a normal part of the college experience; in fact, many college communities center on partying, drinking and drug use. This kind of peer pressure can be unavoidable and difficult to overcome, so Sacramento college students who want an active social life may end up partying and using drugs. Because of these acts, the likelihood of addiction is great.
  • Social tolerance – Freshmen who are already accustomed to substance abuse may find that college life widely accepts substance abuse. The social tolerance increases the risk of addiction, and it may inhibit Sacramento drug addicts from getting help.
  • Extreme increase in stress and responsibility – The significant jump in stress and responsibility from college is often coupled with substance abuse that offers some relief
  • Increased personal freedom – The increased personal freedom from high school to college is often enough to cause people to experiment with drugs and alcohol. This freedom can cause increased drug use, which may develop into addiction.

Furthermore, an increasing number of college freshmen suffer from mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression, prior to starting college, so they are already taking prescription drugs. College life can exacerbate mental health disorders, which may cause Sacramento students to abuse prescription drugs or other substances to self-medicate problems. Other students have undiagnosed mental health conditions that may have not yet presented symptoms. The increased amount of substance abuse among college students can cause underlying mental health conditions to show, which can increase the risk of addiction. Seek out professional treatment from a licensed rehab facility to overcome addiction.

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