3 Positive Effects of Healing Human Relationships

Whether you are in recovery or wondering if you need to receive treatment, there is no doubt that you have relationships have been damaged due to substance abuse. Al-Anon holds the viewpoint that alcoholism is a family disease because alcohol abuse often causes emotional, psychological and sometimes even physical effects on family and friends, and […]

How Your Sobriety Leaves a Positive Legacy

In the midst of addiction, many people experience damage to the physical, psychological, social, financial, legal and spiritual aspects of their lives. It is not until addiction recovery that these chains are broken and healing can take place. The benefits of addiction recovery and sobriety are too great to count, but it should be noted […]

Sober Living Facility

When drug rehabilitation at a treatment facility leads to successful sobriety, the urge to use drugs may not have completely disappeared. In particular, a return – particularly an unprepared one – to the addicted individual’s original environment can lead Sacramento residents to relapse back into drug use. Recovering drug addicts may find it a challenge […]

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