Life Change and Substance Abuse

Anyone undergoing substantial life change, good or bad, feels a range of emotions that the steadier phases of life do not often bring to the surface. Career-related changes are one of the many major developments in life that cause Sacramento residents to feel pride, anxiety, stress, a sense of accomplishment or low self-esteem. Our society […]

What Is Your Role in Your Loved One’s Recovery?

When a loved one is struggling with an addiction, it can often be difficult to understand how to properly help without enabling the addict. Emotional involvement can often cause the family members of an addict to inadvertently enable the addictive behavior and even contribute to the addiction by providing financial support and housing. Some of […]

What Is Community Reinforcement?

Community reinforcement for drug addiction is considered a positive approach: instead of motivating sobriety through the negative consequences of substance abuse, this treatment helps addicts construct systems that reward abstinence. This approach is successful in many cases, so Sacramento drug addicts can recover if they seek help. How Community Reinforcement Addresses Addiction With community reinforcement, […]

Recovery Challenges Facing Fathers

Fathers in Sacramento face unique challenges when it comes to addiction recovery. Fathers often feel they must be leaders in both the home and community, and when they need the help they so often give to others, it can be difficult for them to ask. Fathers who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction can find […]

Benefits of Drug Testing after Addiction Treatment

Collecting and analyzing bodily materials can identify if someone has drugs in her system, which can be a useful tool for addiction treatment professionals. When recovering addicts participate in frequent drug testing, treatment professionals can measure the adequacy of a program and help patients progress through recovery. Sacramento residents should consider drug testing as a […]

Recovery Challenges Facing Single Mothers

Being a single mother and trying to adequately provide for and raise young children can be challenging especially when struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. It can be challenging for single mothers in Sacramento to find adequate work in order to provide for their families. Having to pay all the fees of childcare, transportation, and […]

Gender-Specific Tracks for Addiction Recovery

Men and women in Sacramento experience drug and alcohol addiction in different ways. The problems that lead to drug abuse and addiction are often unique to each gender. A woman may struggle with certain things that contribute to drug or alcohol addiction that a man would not understand or be able to relate to. Due […]

Addiction in the Public Eye

People in the public eye are often faced with more intense forms of stress and anxiety than less public figures, which can lead to drug abuse and addiction. Celebrities and other public figures are often followed everywhere and have to deal with paparazzi, managers, critics, and the media. This restricted private life with the pressure […]

What Is Cross-Addiction?

Addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life in Sacramento. If an individual is in recovery from addiction to a certain substance, his or her addictive personality may pose a great risk of leading him or her to become addicted to another substance. A cross-addiction can mean the following: Addiction to more than one substance […]

Overcoming Recovery Plateaus

Many recovering addicts reach plateaus in their recovery process, which is incredibly debilitating. When Sacramento residents feel like they hit a wall in addiction recovery, they may think that the only option they have left is to relapse. Addiction recovery requires constant maintenance, so stagnation can seem problematic. Reaching a recovery plateau can mean many […]

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