Making Adjustments in a Stagnant Recovery

It is normal to feel sad or discouraged when you are not making significant progress in your recovery. Whether you are relapsing or just thinking about using again, it is important to know that up to 60 percent of substance abusers relapse within three months of treatment according to this source. So if a relapse […]

Four Healthy Ways to Unwind

Discovering healthy ways to unwind is an important element of addiction recovery. Many individuals turn to substance abuse to cope with stress and negative emotions, so finding new ways to relax can help them leave substance abuse behind. Some healthy ways Sacramento residents can unwind include activities such as journaling, meditating, exercising and deep breathing. […]

Can Sunny Weather Help Overall Wellness?

Many people have been warned about the harm of excessive sun exposure, which includes sunburns and various types of skin cancers. However, sunlight should not be completely feared, as spending a moderate amount of time in the sun has many benefits and promotes overall health. Benefits of sunlight include a healthier heart, increased supply of […]

Seven Ways Positive Thinking Can Help Your Recovery

Positive thinking is one of the most important factors when Sacramento want to boost their recovery efforts. It not only helps people carry on in recovery, but it also reminds people both why they want to recover and the reasons they can believe recovery is possible. However, staying positive is also one of the most […]

What Are Recovery Schools?

Addiction recovery is a difficult process for anyone, and teenagers face their own unique challenges as they are forced to grapple with recovering from addiction while dealing with the pressures of adolescence. After addiction treatment, recovering teens may struggle to integrate back into their old environment. Recovery schools are an option that is growing in […]

Making a Life In Recovery Your New Normal

Before drug or alcohol addiction treatment begins, the idea of going a day without drinking or doing drugs might seem like trying to live a day without breathing. However, after treatment ends a Sacramento drug addict has a new lease on life, which must become the new normal. It might take time to establish new […]

Why There is More to Recovery Than Sobriety

Rehab treatment is often seen as the solution to addiction instead of a step in the healing process, and this leads to unrealistic expectations of addiction recovery. Recovering from an addiction requires more than simply becoming sober. Getting sober is the beginning of your journey to recovery and a true recovery requires the user to […]

5 Ways to Find Balance in Your Recovery Lifestyle

The best way to continue addiction recovery after rehab ends is by balancing everyday life, which means feeding the body, mind and spirit. During rehab, recovery teams will discuss coping strategies for dealing with cravings, which will help recovering addicts stay committed to staying drug and alcohol free. Unfortunately, balancing activities, friends, family members, a […]

How to Deal with Grief without Drugs or Alcohol

Grief can cause a wave of unexpected and seemingly unmanageable emotions that can often tempt a person to abuse drugs or alcohol in order to cope. Finding healthy coping mechanisms to manage grief helps Sacramento residents avoid the risk of falling into drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. For people in recovery from drug or […]

The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job Performance

The effects of a fun night of drinking do not magically disappear at the stroke of midnight or when the alarm sounds the next morning. The typical hangover symptoms are enough to remind one about the previous night, and they can significantly impact someone’s job performance and functioning for at least the next day if […]

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