Addiction Programs

Addiction programsWhen individuals struggle with drug addiction, the right California drug rehab program can pave the road for recovery. In cases where addiction has become prolonged, complicated with multiple drug dependencies or coincided with a Dual Diagnosis of mental health issues, individuals may find that outpatient drug addiction programs simply do not afford the in-depth treatment required for lasting recovery.

Resolving Core Issues Through Addiction Programs

Inpatient drug addiction treatment programs can allow Sacramento residents to resolve the core issues that have led to a state of physical dependency and psychological addiction to drugs. Here are a few aspects of drug addiction that drug treatment programs can treat in order to free Sacramento patients from their long-standing drug addictions.

  • Genetic Component of Addiction
    Addiction tends to be a condition that runs in families. Some Sacramento residents have experienced this phenomenon as addiction to one drug resolves, only to be replaced by another upon treatment. By understanding the genetic component of addiction – and treating any related chemical imbalances through the use of psychiatric medications – drug rehab facilities can help treat the genetic component of addiction for individuals from Sacramento.
  • Psychological Drug Addiction
    Over time and with increased usage, drug addiction takes on a strong psychological component. When drug use begins, the brain’s reward centers and neuropathways become affected, leading to psychological conditioning that associates the drug in question with pleasure. Breaking the psychological addiction to drugs can entail behavioral therapy, belief management and lifestyle changes that can help the brain relearn its associations with drug use.
  • Trauma and Stress Management
    For some, life challenges, personal tragedies, stress or anger, grief or abuse have led to self-medication through drugs or alcohol. In these cases, Sacramento residents may find that healing of the underlying emotional issues may be necessary to prevent further drug use. Learning relaxation techniques, resolving past traumas through group and individualized therapy sessions or even engaging in trauma-focused therapies such as EMDR or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help release emotional pain that causes Sacramento residents to seek out drugs as a form of escape.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
    For other Sacramento residents, the coexistence of an underlying mental health issue – ranging from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to severe depression or even schizophrenia – can lead to drug-seeking behavior. Through psychological assessment by professional clinical therapists, Dual Diagnosis cases can be identified and treated alongside drug addiction itself. Studies have shown that dual treatment of both conditions – addiction and mental health issues – increases the chances of lasting sobriety.

Find an Addiction Program in California

If you need a Sacramento drug rehab as a way to fight a crippling addiction to drugs and or alcohol and you have a lot of distractions that are holding you back from a successful recovery, it might not be that a rehab center in Sacramento is the solution. Call the number bellow and we can help you find a program in another city in California. Have you ever considered attending a residential facility in Malibu or perhaps Palm Springs? They may be just what you need.

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