6 Thoughts You May Have During Your First Week of Treatment

6 Thoughts You May Have During Your First Week of Treatment

There will be times where you will likely be frustrated

When you start treatment in Sacramento, it is normal to be a bit overwhelmed. After all, this is likely the first time you have ever asked for outside help with your addiction. You may be in an inpatient program where you are required to live at a facility for a defined period of time, or maybe you are a participant of an outpatient program and you go to treatment during the day and then go to your own home at night. Whatever the details are of your situation, you will likely have some of the following thoughts during your first week of treatment:

  • I desperately want to use again – You may even think that treatment is not working or that you are wasting your time because you are having cravings to use again. This is completely normal. As you go through the detox process, you will start to feel The first week will be very difficult, and you may experience many of the withdrawal symptoms such as extreme depression, poor appetite, severe fatigue, agitation, inability to sleep, sweating, cramping, diarrhea, trembling, shaking, headaches, pain, stroke, seizures and more.
  • I don’t need this much help – There maybe times that you feel rehab is overkill. Working with doctors, nurses and therapists may feel overwhelming. You may want to be alone. You may even think you are okay now as you are not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms or cravings to do drugs or drink again. But the important thing to consider is that your body is adjusting to being off drugs. Recovery is a long term process and takes a lifetime.
  • This is stupid – There will be times where you will likely be frustrated. You may not like all of the rules. You may have more therapy sessions than you want or you may be asked similar questions and get tired of answering the questions. This is normal. Therapy takes time, and you simply may not be ready to talk about your issues.
  • I need to go back to my family – Your family in Sacramento does want you back in their lives, but know they want you to be healthy. You are not able to be a good parent, spouse, son or daughter when you spend your time drunk or high. Your relationships will not fully heal until you are clean. You are much more likely to fall back into bad habits if you discontinue your treatment. Addiction is very powerful; consider some of your past behavior and the extremes you went to on a normal basis to support your substance abuse. It is likely that you lied and manipulated others and even faked illness just to get high. You know this is not healthy behavior. Only once you commit fully to the recovery process, will you start to heal.
  • What if my employer finds out I’m in rehab? – This is a valid concern as you may be afraid that your being in treatment will put your job in jeopardy and you may be fired. Keep in mind that you are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This act prohibits most employers from refusing to hire, firing or discriminating in the terms and conditions of employment against any qualified job applicant or employee on the basis of a disability. The key component to this act is that you are not currently using illegal drugs. If you continue to use illegal drugs, then you are likely considered ineligible for protection. Keep in mind that you are also moving forward in your pursuit of a healthy, fulfilling life. Try to focus on your brighter future of sober living.
  • What will happen when I get out of treatment? – The answer to this question will vary depending on your specific program. If you are at an inpatient program, you may want to consider a sober living home or Halfway House. These are places where individuals who struggle with addiction live in a house together, have chores, learn life skills and participate in recovery treatment. Many Halfway Houses are licensed by the Department of Health and have staff coverage 24 hours a day.

If you are in an outpatient program, you need to be sure that your home is a stable environment which supports your sobriety. For example, if you are an alcoholic you do not live with others who keep alcohol in the house. Rather, those you live with in Sacramento support your recovery and want to encourage you to live without pursuing addiction.

Keep in mind that full recovery will require additional, consistent treatment. A support network is needed. You will likely want to get involved in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. It is that over 1.2 million people have received help from AA. If you struggle with substance abuse and think you need to seek out treatment, please call our toll-free helpline. There are many different options for addiction and other mental health issues you have. Please feel free to call our helpline to talk with one of our counselors 24 hours a day. The admissions coordinator will be glad to talk with you about the therapy process. There are many treatment options available to help you pursue a healthy, sober life in Sacramento.

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