5 Ways to Find Balance in Your Recovery Lifestyle

5 Ways to Find Balance in Your Recovery Lifestyle

Physical activity boosts mood, and is a great way for recovering addicts to deal with cravings in healthy ways

The best way to continue addiction recovery after rehab ends is by balancing everyday life, which means feeding the body, mind and spirit. During rehab, recovery teams will discuss coping strategies for dealing with cravings, which will help recovering addicts stay committed to staying drug and alcohol free. Unfortunately, balancing activities, friends, family members, a social life and work takes practice, and at first many Sacramento residents may struggle with this task; however, taking steps in the right direction can help you stay clean. The following five steps are good ways to continue addiction recovery:

  • Exercise daily. When you feel good physically, you are more likely to feel good mentally. Physical activity boosts mood, so it is a great way for Sacramento’s recovering drug and alcohol addicts to deal with cravings in healthy, proactive ways. Addiction devastates the body, but focusing on physical health gives it a chance to recover.
  • Eat healthy meals regularly. Recovering drug and alcohol addicts often turn to other types of comfort to cope with cravings, which often means comfort food. Fast food, sweets and high fat options can continue to damage the body after addiction ends, and many people who struggle with drug abuse are also malnourished. However, if you adopt a diet that is rich in nutrients, you may heal from the inside out while balancing your body.
  • Choose a variety of activities. Many activities alleviate boredom and let you focus your mind on other acts aside from drug use. Sacramento residents can learn new hobbies, help others and get involved in the community or faith-based support programs to make new friends and to have new experiences.
  • Surround yourself with supportive family and friends. During rehab your therapist and other members of the rehab team will help you identify the healthy relationships you have along with those that enabled your addiction. Concentrate on building relationships with those who support your recovery, and avoid those that might drag you back into addiction.
  • Feed your spirit. Addiction can destroy your sense of pride, self-esteem and faith, so you must take action to restore those aspects of life. Get connected to a faith-based organization or a 12-step recovery group. Read books that feed your mind or rediscover a forgotten hobby or talent. In other words, Sacramento’s recovering drug addicts can learn to feed their spirits, which prevents relapse.

If you seek professional help, you can find ways to maintain recovery even after rehab ends.

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