Three Signs of a Good Treatment Facility

After making the decision to enter addiction treatment, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the many choices you must make. However, choosing the right treatment facility is essential to a successful recovery for yourself or a loved one in Sacramento. Unfortunately, it can be difficult deciding which treatment facility will be best for […]

Can You Inherit Alcoholism?

While a growing amount of scientific evidence asserts that genetic components affect alcoholism, the “alcohol gene” is yet to be discovered. Scientists are confident that genetic factors play a significant role in the cause and development of alcoholism, but without the sound proof of this notion there is no telling how much environmental factors influence […]

Three Signs of a Poor Treatment Facility

Not all addiction treatment facilities are created equal, so in order to ensure you are receiving the best treatment possible you should be aware of what a poor treatment facility looks like. Being able to identify poor treatment facilities will enable you or a loved one in Sacramento to receive the best treatment possible and […]

3 Signs of a Bad Therapist

Professional therapy is one of the many essential aspects of addiction recovery; in fact, Sacramento drug addicts may not get far into recovery without a good therapist. When people think of professional therapists, they may think of helpful care, but many therapists are anything but helpful. Some addiction counselors engage numerous practices that undermine the […]

Why Treating the Person Is More Important than Treating the Addiction

Addiction is a complex problem that requires holistic treatment in order to make a full recovery. While some treatment programs focus mainly on the addiction, in order to give yourself the best opportunity for success in recovery your treatment program should focus on you, the user, instead of the substance addiction. Treating an addiction may […]

What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is a drug used to treat alcohol addiction and narcotic dependence. Vivitrol works by blocking the affects of narcotic medicines and alcohol. It is also used to prevent narcotic addiction relapse. Vivitrol is injected once a month and can be given only by a physician or nurse in a clinic or other Sacramento medical […]

Treatment Is a Transition, Not an End

Professional treatment is essential for recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, but it is only the beginning of the recovery stage. Sacramento drug addicts may believe that rehab marks the end of addiction, so they think they will no longer have to worry about drug abuse once treatment is over. However, rehab is simply the […]

How to Find Help

If you or a loved one in Sacramento is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, achieving sobriety might seem like an insurmountable task. Addiction is a difficult disease, but with the proper combination of guidance, effort, and stubborn persistence, anyone can beat addiction. You only need to know where to start. Practical Steps for Overcoming […]

Do Any Treatment Methods Embrace Creativity?

Overcoming a mental health disorder or addiction is sometimes a process that requires much healing emotionally and psychologically. Treatment methods vary from medications to therapy and counseling. Throughout the years, many of these methods have been improved and new ones have been developed according to the needs of different patients. For example, creativity-based treatment methods […]

Why Treatment Center Location Is Important in Recovery

Many treatment centers offer unique recovery programs to patients. Choosing the right treatment center typically requires a lot of information and decisions on what seems to be the best fit. One aspect of treatment to consider is its location and its proximity to familiar surroundings. Sacramento drug addicts and their family members may choose centers […]

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