How Long Do Medications in Rehab Take to Work?

When you enter rehab for the first time, it is very normal to be nervous and even somewhat scared as you start. You likely will not know what exactly to expect. Change can be scary, especially when it is a big change such as getting clean and sober after spending your life in an inebriated […]

4 Ways to Identify Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Yourself

It is normal to feel anxiety when you face stress in life. Maybe you have a boss that is hard to please or you have a packed schedule and find yourself running late. Say you have a big test or the possibility of getting a big promotion at work. Whatever the situation, stress in life […]

3 Steps to Prevent Being Overwhelmed by the Treatment Process

Once you begin treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, it is far too easy to become overwhelmed by the process. Through some combination of poor information, unrealistic expectations and isolation, treatment can quickly lead to a place of despair. However, by applying these three strategies, you can limit the sense of being overwhelmed in […]

3 Things to Know to Make Calling a Counselor Easier

Recognizing an addiction and the need for help is an important first step on the road to recovery. The recognition often leads to questions and uncertainties, however. It can be difficult to decide who to contact for help and intimidating to think about doing so. In a publication on principles of effective addiction treatment, the […]

Researching and Speaking to a Counselor

You know you need help, but where should you turn? What steps should you take to figure out your options and how can you find a good counselor? How should you go about contacting a counselor? The first thing you can do in Sacramento is come up with a plan. It is normal for this […]

7 Things You Need in a Treatment Program

When you first start to look into treatment programs, it can be overwhelming. There are many different websites and resources out there. Instead of being confused, first consider the overall goal of a treatment program—to help the individual life a sober, healthy life in Sacramento. This is the end goal, and when you are currently […]

6 Thoughts You May Have During Your First Week of Treatment

When you start treatment in Sacramento, it is normal to be a bit overwhelmed. After all, this is likely the first time you have ever asked for outside help with your addiction. You may be in an inpatient program where you are required to live at a facility for a defined period of time, or […]

How Drugs Affect Women’s Brains

Recent research has increasingly demonstrated that drug use affects men and women differently in Sacramento. According to the book Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing the Specific Needs of Women, the physical effects of drugs are more significant for women than for men. In both human and animal studies, results have demonstrated that women are more sensitive […]

Three Signs of a Good Therapist

Finding a good therapist can mean the difference between a successful recovery and relapse for those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. Sacramento therapists are there to help you understand your addiction and what you need to do, but finding a good one can take time and research. Knowing what to look for can speed […]

What Should I Do If Severe Weather Keeps Me from Treatment?

When you make plans to attend addiction treatment you do not foresee anything standing in the way, but when severe weather strikes there is only so much you can do. If you are enrolled in addiction treatment and severe weather delays you from receiving treatment it can be stressful, but this does not have to […]

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