Three Signs of a Good Therapist

Three Signs of a Good Therapist

Any therapist that you consider should be open-minded to choosing the kind of therapy that best meets your needs

Finding a good therapist can mean the difference between a successful recovery and relapse for those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. Sacramento therapists are there to help you understand your addiction and what you need to do, but finding a good one can take time and research. Knowing what to look for can speed up the process and help find the type of treatment that is right for you.

Education and Credentials

A quality therapist should have the appropriate education and state-level licensure requirements displayed in plain sight in her office. If you do not see these documents when interviewing a potential therapist, ask to see them. You can also visit the website of any therapist you are considering to read about her background, education and specialty areas. Quality therapists should have a four-year degree from an accredited university program and an advanced degree, such as a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling or Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, or a PhD in a related area.


Once you’ve established a list of potential therapists that meet educational requirements in the field, it’s time to look for accreditation. Certification by an accrediting agency guarantees that the therapist or rehab facility you are considering has met detailed and rigorous standards of care for their patients. Agencies like the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) ensures potential patients that its members can and do provide the quality of care needed to help their patients find healing and hope for addiction and mental illness.

Open-mindedness to Therapy Approaches

There is no one type of psychotherapy that works for every patient, every time. Any therapist that you consider should be open-minded to choosing the kind of therapy that best meets the needs of the patient, rather than attempting to put every patient into the same therapy box. Therapists who employ a number of techniques and methods are better able to meet the needs of their patients and increase the likelihood of treatment success.

Finding Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Finding the right therapist is an important step on the journey to recovery. If you or a loved one in Sacramento struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free helpline – available 24 hours a day – to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options.

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