Sunnyvale Drug Rehab

One 2003 report found that methamphetamine abuse across Sunnyvale’s Santa Clara County continues to pose serious problems for residents. In fact, the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program found that those booked on criminal charges in Santa Clara County tested positive for methamphetamines at an alarmingly high rate, placing it regularly among California’s five-highest counties for meth-positive arrests. Additionally, resource awareness for drug addiction treatment remains low among health care providers in Santa Clara, with less than one-third aware of inpatient drug treatment programs that catered to pregnant drug-addicted females. More than two-thirds of health care providers in Sunnyvale and the rest of Santa Clara also experienced difficulty in dealing with drug-addicted patients, citing lack of ability to identify female patients suffering from substance abuse. (See related: Sacramento Drug Rehab)

Drug Rehab Options for Sunnyvale, California Residents

From use of illicit street drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines to the abuse of prescription opiates or anti-convulsant drugs, addicted individuals throughout Sunnyvale find they need help in order to cease use. While detoxification facilities exist throughout Santa Clara County, many drug-addicted individuals quickly relapse when extended, comprehensive drug addiction treatment is not sought. Inpatient drug rehab treatment has consistently been shown to lower the incidence of drug relapse, but unfortunately a mere 15 percent of addicted individuals ever receive residential care in inpatient facilities.

Counseling and Detoxification for Sunnyvale Drug Addicts

During the detoxification period of drug rehabilitation, abstinence gives way to shifts in chemical balances within the brain. Depending on the drug in question, Sunnyvale residents undergoing treatment may experience physical withdrawal symptoms, though virtually all addictive drugs will create psychological withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification phase of treatment. Psychological cravings similarly do not necessarily end with successful detoxification, as the brain’s associations between drug use and pleasure have been consistently established over time. Psychological and emotional reasons for drug use – including incidence of “Dual Diagnosis” cases where a secondary mental health concern has compounded drug addiction – also need to be addressed in inpatient drug treatment stays, usually over the course of 30 days or more.

Finding Effective Drug Addiction Treatment for Sunnyvale, CA Addicts

If you’ve come to recognize that drug addiction has taken hold within your life – or affected the life of a loved one in Sunnyvale, CA– our professional addiction treatment counselors are standing by to take your call. Our toll-free service matches those struggling with drug addiction throughout Sunnyvale and Santa Clara County with drug treatment options throughout California that are best suited to their particular needs. We welcome you to call us at any time of day or night to speak confidentially about the nature of the drug addiction you face and the addiction treatment options available to you.

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