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Sacramento DetoxOver the course of addiction, the brain and body adjust to the consistent presence of drugs, causing a host of chemical changes that lead to physical dependency. When drugs are abruptly removed from the system, long-time users feel the jolt of their existing chemical imbalances heavily, sometimes for the first time beyond involuntary windows of abstinence between uses. This process, during which the body purges itself of harmful substances and reestablishes natural chemistry is known as the “withdrawal” phase of drug addiction treatment. While withdrawal represents the first step towards healing the body from drug addiction, many addicted individuals across Sacramento misunderstand – and fear – the withdrawal process itself, with some individuals avoiding drug treatment as a result.

Understanding Sacramento Detox

Understanding professional detoxification services (often provided in the safe haven of inpatient drug treatment facilities) and the detox process itself can help eliminate fears Sacramento addicts. Sacramento residents can familiarize themselves with the process of drug detoxification treatment below:

  • Drug Testing
    Drug testing is often performed during the intake process, just before the drug detoxification process begins. Sometimes combined with a medical assessment, mental health assessment and other diagnostic tests, the drug testing process simply allows addiction professionals to customize your treatment plan. Because many drug-addicted individuals have difficulty being honest about – or even sometimes, aware of – the drugs present in their systems, drug testing allows the detox facility to ensure physical safety as the patient undergoes the withdrawal process. Additionally, drug testing allows for physical symptoms, common nutritional deficiencies, and other drug-related physical health issues to be anticipated and treated, allowing the patient a smoother detox experience.
  • Treatment for Withdrawal
    Sacramento residents undergoing detox will often fear withdrawal symptoms. However, in modern detox facilities, many withdrawal symptoms can be entirely managed by over-the-counter or prescription medication. Other forms of withdrawal symptoms can be alleviated through hydration, nutritional supplements and addiction counseling.
  • Psychological Counseling
    For some, the withdrawal process comes with mood swings, depression or anxiety. In these cases, clinical therapists can help ease patients through the withdrawal process. While psychiatric medications may be prescribed, for many Sacramento recovering drug addicts, counseling suffices. Education about the detoxification process also take place at addiction treatment facilities during withdrawal, in order to help patients understand the body’s natural healing during the addiction recovery process.
  • Improved Clarity and Health
    During the detox process, many individuals recovering from drug addiction find increasing clarity returning to their lives. Cravings begin to disappear during the withdrawal process and the urge to use sharply declines. Memory, learning and cognitive skills return to normal functions as well, better positioning those recovering from drug addiction for long-term sobriety. As withdrawal symptoms dissipate, the body begins to heal, with improved circulation, healthier vital signs, stronger digestion and the elimination of aching joints, sweating and headaches – in some cases, all improved from their state during addiction, as well.

After Detoxification

After you, a friend or family member have gone through the first step of addiction recovery there will be a  need to find  a Sacramento drug rehab center or one somewhere other than Sacramento. Getting out of Sacramento could be exactly what you need. Especially if there are a lot of distractions and influences that will hinder the recovery process.  If this sounds like your situation, call the hotline number bellow and we can assist you in finding an alternative to a Sacramento program. There are rehab centers all over California; Malibu and Palm Springs have some of the most reputable ones.

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