Researching and Speaking to a Counselor

Researching and Speaking to a Counselor

It is also essential to find a counselor who has a very positive attitude

You know you need help, but where should you turn? What steps should you take to figure out your options and how can you find a good counselor? How should you go about contacting a counselor?

The first thing you can do in Sacramento is come up with a plan. It is normal for this to be a little bit overwhelming. After all, if you type a search into Google, you will get countless responses. Here are a few simple steps you can take to come up with a plan.

  • Write down your thoughts – Everything in your mind including your worries, doubts, fears and concerns should be recorded. Some may call this a brain dump. Just write down everything in your mind, and do not hold back. It’s completely alright if it does not make sense. Just getting the words and ideas on the page will help you immensely.
  • Give yourself some time to process – When you do this, it will allow your subconscious to start to process your situation. This will also help you when you do talk with a counselor.
  • Get some outside help – Get a friend or family member to help you piece together a plan. It is hard to come up with a plan when you are also trying to sort out all of the many issues, fears and thoughts in your mind. Outside perspective is very important and will help you in times of need. You can apply this same approach toward when you find a counselor.
  • Figure out what you want from a counselor – Continue to figure out what it is you want from a counselor. What is important to you? Good communication skills are very important. Someone you feel comfortable talking with and also who listens to what you say. Certifications are important as well.

Once you have a plan, then you can start to research finding a counselor to help you. To do this, you must know some of the traits and characteristics found in good counselors and also have to speak with some counselors on the phone or in person. When you have a real conversation—not an email exchange—you can find clarity and get direct answers. When you speak to an individual directly, you can always ask another clarifying question. When you do not have this option, it is easy to make incorrect assumptions. When you talk to someone directly, you can also interpret tone through direct spoken communication and body language.

It is also essential to find a counselor who has a very positive attitude. It is more difficult to learn from an individual with a negative outlook. Problems and challenges are going to come in your recovery. You want support that will encourage you and challenge you and not give up on you.

Counselors in Sacramento with experience and education offer a wealth of knowledge. Be sure that a counselor has the requirements to be certified. is a valuable resource that provides you with the details for each state. It is important to note that the requirements are different depending on where you live.

There are generally four main kinds of therapy. Psychotherapy is therapy which is focused on talking about your problems. In most cases, this is the primary form of treatment when you speak with a counselor. Drug therapy is a way of using medication for treatment. Alternative therapy can include exercise, physical therapy, meditation or yoga and even going to a chiropractor. There is also art therapy or creative therapy where the process of self-expression involves various forms of art. This may involve painting, music, dance or other forms of creativity. For more information, call our helpline or here you will find a breakdown of the various forms of treatment from the American Psychological Association.

There are no quick fixes during the recovery process. Treatment takes time. In general, the longer and more intensely you are addicted to a substance, the more intense treatment will be needed. Not all individuals need a medically supervised detox or an extended time in rehabilitation, but some do. The level of care will depend on your age, your history and other medical or psychiatric conditions. There are many places to turn for help, so do not delay. Get the treatment you need today.

There are many options available when looking for a counselor in Sacramento. Not all counselors are going to be a good fit for you or be to treat your unique situation. When selecting a counselor, it is ideal to talk to one first. A phone call is much better than just email. Call one of our counselors, and you can discuss your concerns and ask any questions you may have. They are there to help you in your recovery and are ready to speak with you right now.

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