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Oakland, California has been addled with drug use for years, first gaining a reputation for heroin and crack cocaine use during the 1970s, exacerbated by urban poverty in its inner city areas – and often run by its gang culture. Bordering the progressive college atmosphere of the City of Berkeley, North Oakland also experiences the fallout of pro-drug culture of the region, with club drugs, marijuana and psychedelic drug use that has long been associated with the East Bay Area. (See related: Sacramento Drug Rehab)

The Oakland, California Drug Addiction Epidemic

For those living in Oakland, the consequences of the drug culture have been harrowing. As of 1998, more than one-third of AIDS patients who received a diagnosis within Oakland’s Alameda County contracted the disease through the use of injection drugs. According to a National Institute of Justice report, drug use in Oakland has been correlated with drug dealing incidents, disorderly conduct and panhandling throughout the city. The drug epidemic throughout Oakland and the greater Alameda County area has also been associated with further gang activity and shootings, robberies, prostitution, domestic violence, and child welfare reports and abuse. (See related: Sacramento Drug Rehab)

Oakland and National Drug Addiction Relapse Rates

Throughout the country, drug addiction experiences a high relapse rate – particularly after outpatient drug rehab. However, those who have successfully undergone all varieties of Oakland drug rehab programs still fall prey to relapse when detoxification and inpatient stays have been completed.

Even after undergoing alcohol or drug treatment, the sad truth is that many dependent individuals relapse shortly thereafter. Common relapse rates vary by chemical substance, with some forms of chemical dependency proving more difficult to treat by the majority of recovery programs. In fact, a 1998 research survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) concluded that, on the whole, 79 percent of those completing outpatient and inpatient drug addiction programs used again after graduation. Drug addiction relapse incidence varies by drug, with inhalants and hallucinogenic drug users relapsing 46 percent of the time, methamphetamines relapse rates occurring at 56 percent and heroin relapse rates skyrocketing to 87 percent within a five-year period. Crack cocaine and marijuana – two of Oakland’s most prevalent drugs – also carried high relapse rates at 84 and 72 percent respectively.

Treating Drug Addiction Relapse in Oakland, California

While the relapse rates associated with drug use can be discouraging on first glance, many individuals find that undergoing inpatient drug treatment for a second time can pave the road to lasting sobriety. Through holistic, comprehensive drug treatment programs that deal with all aspects of drug addiction – from drug detoxification to exercise programs, lifestyle modification and intensive therapy – drug-addicted individuals can increase their chances of sobriety with inpatient care. We invite you to call our toll-free number and ask about inpatient drug addiction treatment programs in California that serve Oakland addicts.

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