Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug rehabilitationDrugs have entered into widespread use throughout the Sacramento Valley. In fact, nearly one-third of ninth graders within Sacramento County having been offered drugs within the last year alone, according to the Capital Region Healthy Futures Project survey. Addiction treatment facilities have responded to the need for drug addiction assistance, with inpatient rehabilitation facilities enrolling more than 7,000 patients for drug and alcohol treatment between 2003 and 2005 – and another 6,000 referred to state and community funded addiction treatment facilities.

Scope of Treatment at Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

For the thousands of individuals struggling with drug addiction across Sacramento, residential drug addiction treatment facilities provide 30 days or more of dedicated care. Here are just a few of the aims of inpatient drug rehabilitation facilities serving the population of Sacramento:

  • Drug Detoxification
    Drug detoxification provides safe ways to allow the body to purge harmful drugs and toxins from its system. Drug detoxification can be performed in a medically supervised setting to enable vigilance of vital signs, prevention of medical complications and treatment of withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  • Diagnostic Testing
    Drug tests are usually administered upon intake at drug rehab facilities, in order to accurately assess addiction. When the body has properly detoxified from drug use, chemical imbalances may be identified through psychological – or, in some cases, physical – examinations. From hormone and metabolic testing to psychiatric assessments, physical issues that may have led to or worsened chemical dependency can be identified. In some cases, medication can be prescribed to help the body achieve chemical balance, through the use of psychiatric medications or appropriate prescriptions.
  • Alternative and Lifestyle Therapies
    Some Sacramento drug rehab centers that local area residents focus on include a lifestyle choices and alternative therapies that can make a difference in building a sober life. During drug addiction, diet and sleep schedules often devolve and nutritional deficiencies sometimes require care. Through the use of targeted lifestyle therapy, nutritional supplements, herbal preparations, acupuncture and acupressure can be integrated into the addiction recovery process. Additionally, exercise routines and group sports are often incorporated into inpatient drug addiction treatment, to provide mood-enhancing endorphins, forge connections with nature and build camaraderie among patients.
  • Stress and Anger Management
    In identifying triggers that may lead to drug addiction relapse, stress and anger management techniques can be incorporated into treatment. Through the use of visualizations, trigger identification, bodily awareness, meditation and conflict resolution skills, stress and anger levels can be addressed, so that the patient becomes better equipped to cope with stressors without the use of drugs.

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