What Happens When Public Role Models Open Up About Addiction

What Happens When Public Role Models Open Up About Addiction

Toronto mayor Rob Ford

Addiction can affect anyone, from the average Sacramento resident to people in the public eye. While someone’s addiction may be a private matter, public role models have a hard time keeping their addictions quiet, and many have spoken about their struggles. When public role models struggle with addiction, they can impact how society views both drug abuse and addiction recovery. By setting a good example, public role models can encourage others to get the help they need with addiction; on the other hand, public role models who mishandle their drug problems may set bad examples for people who look up to them.

Role Models Can Promote Addiction Treatment

When a public figure makes it known that she suffers from addiction and is seeking help, then Sacramento drug users may realize that they have a problem if the role model handles the problem properly. By speaking out about her recovery, a role model can help others realize they are not alone in their battles against addiction. Anyone can suffer from addiction, but, as shown by role models, anyone can also get help. Public figures may avoid addiction treatment because they do not want their addictions to become public, but, by seeking help and being transparent about their problems, they can embolden other users to seek addiction treatment.

How Role Models Can Encourage Drug Abuse

As positive as role models can be when they discuss their addictions and treatment, they can also have the opposite effect if they handle drug abuse poorly. For instance, if a role model relapses, commits a crime due to substance abuse or refuses to get help for his drug problem, then it may send the wrong message to Sacramento drug users who need addiction help. Public figures cannot hide from the spotlight, so even their worst moments will be under scrutiny. Therefore, by ignoring or continuing an addiction, they set bad examples by seemingly endorsing addiction while avoiding treatment. Users who see their role models suffer from addiction may think that, “if they suffer from addiction, then what chance do we have at recovering?” However, anyone can make a full recovery from addiction if they have the proper care.

Help for Sacramento Drug Addicts

Are you suffering from addiction but are unable to quit on your own? The best chance you have at  recovering from addiction is with professional help. Call our toll-free helpline now to learn more about what happens during addiction treatment. You can speak with an admissions coordinator about your treatment options right now, because they are available 24 hours a day to answer questions about addiction treatment, to direct you to rehab and to let you know if your health insurance will help cover medical care. Sacramento residents can call now to begin recovery as soon as possible.

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