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When drugs are ingested into the body, judgment becomes naturally impaired. Addiction science has shown that in particular, the brain’s frontal cortex becomes affected by drug use, leading to perceptual difficulties, spatial relationship compromises and impaired decision-making. For Fremont residents struggling with drug addiction, the continual effect of drugs on the regions of the brain that involve judgment can lead to interpersonal problems, career dissolution and even criminal activity. In fact, brain-related effects of chronic drug ingestion also affect the brain’s reward centers and natural chemical balance – two of the primary reasons that addicted individuals return to drug use even after periods of self-imposed abstinence.

Impulsiveness During Fremont Drug Addiction

A research study by the National Institute of Drug Abuse found that drug-addicted individuals experienced poorer decision-making skills than sober peers. In particular, the ability to assess risks becomes compromised during drug intoxication, leading to heightened impulsiveness. Individuals under the influence of drugs find their attention drawn to potential rewards of a given situation, while minimizing the risks involved. For Fremont residents, this drug-influenced behavioral phenomenon leads many addicted individuals towards risk-taking behaviors such as driving under the influence or unsafe sexual activity.

While Alameda County has seen improvements in drug addiction in recent years, cocaine remained the drug of choice of 18 percent of those referred to county addiction treatment facilities in 2004 – though significantly lower than the nearly one of three referrals that involved cocaine in 2001. During the same time period, more than one-third of those convicted of drug-related crimes in Alameda County re-offended just under six years after undergoing drug treatment services. (See related: Sacramento Drug Rehab)

Fremont Drug Addiction Treatment Help

Whatever the risk-taking behavior involved, enrollment in a drug rehab program is imperative for those Fremont residents who have experience drug addiction firsthand. Until physical detoxification – and psychological addiction counseling – have successfully taken place, few individuals in Fremont and Alameda County will be able to obtain long-term sobriety alone.

If you or someone you love in Fremont is in need of drug addiction treatment help, our trained addiction counselors can expertly align you with a drug recovery program that will meet your financial, medical and psychological needs. With a vast network of drug addiction facilities we work closely with on a daily basis, we can help answer your questions regarding aspects of inpatient drug treatment that can make a difference in your life – or in the life of a loved one in the Fremont area. Our addiction specialists await your call 24 hours a day  and welcome the opportunity to help you receive the drug addiction treatment you need.

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